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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  August 20, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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salmonella, wright farm continued shipping eggs. they added to the recall. industry watchdogs say the government has been slow to act on food safety. >> why do they take so long before we discovered that there was this widespread contamination problem? >> already wright county egg is facing lawsuits over the outbreak. the owner of the plant, austin has been sued for water pollution at other farms. in 1996, he was fined for what the u.s. labor secretary described as sweat shop conditions. pay attention to egg cartons with 1026, 1413, 1946, 1720, 1942, 1951, 1686, and 1091. indicating these eggs are tainted. it's the only foolproof way to keep yourself safe. eggs with salmonella look, smell, and taste normal. >> the birds themselves aren't sick, sot farmer doesn't know what's going on. >> there have been no deaths
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reported, but thousands more are likely to get sick before this outbreak is contained. abc2 news. now at this point, there have been no deaths reported. health officials say thousands of people could get sick before the outbreak is contained. until yesterday, the department of agriculture had no one in charge of food safety for two years. president obama has appointed elizabeth hagen to the jog. it is a recess appointment by passing a vote in the senate where her nomination has been stalled. >> here's what to look out for if you think you may have eaten some of the bad eggs. you may need to visit a doctor if you experience diarrhea, fever or chills. symptoms may pop up between 6 and 72 hours after eating an egg and they may persist for a week. also tonight, we are seeing the first cases of west nile virus in maryland this year. an adult from baltimore county and a senior citizen from montgomery county have been diagnosed. the virus has become a seasonal
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problem. only one case was confirmed last year. while the risk is low, officials are urging people to avoid area with high mosquito infestation and use repellant. new information tonight about a maryland detention center worker killed on the job. an investigative report shows staffers left a detainee unsupervised with the teacher for more than an hour on the day she was killed. 65-year-old hanah wheeling was killed in february at the youth facility in prince georges county. a detainee who was 13 at the time has been charged as a juvenile in connection with wheeling's death. another bicycle attack has cyclists and people living in the neighborhood on edge. two people were arrested in those attacks and police thought it was over. that is until it happened again. the most recent attack happened wednesday night at north charles. kelly swoope now is back with details. >> well chris, as you can imagine, these attacks are causing a lot of concern in the area. on wednesday, three-year-old michael burns says he was
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riding his bike when three young men pushed him off. the cyclist said he was kicked to the ground. the attacks which include several instances of harassment and rock throwing are generating discussion among bike commuters, who actually wants to create a bike boulevard through charles village. now the area divides the neighborhoods north of downtown and upper charles village and is almost unavoidable for anyone commuting from downtown to points north. the latest attack happened six blocks away from where johns hopkins researcher was fatally stabbed last month as he walked home from the train station. so i'm sure we'll hear more on this. kelly swoope, abc2 news. now for a look at tonight's stories. doctors released one of baltimore's latest and youngest gun shot victims from the hospital. ten-year-old tavian coleman says he was sitting on his
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grandmother's couch in baltimore. he was grazed on his wrist, but the injury isn't going to keep him from starting school next week. he's going to be in the fifth grade. a man is behind bars. jeremy richards is responsible for robbing and killing 61-year- old robinson. firefighters were called to robinson's home in the 3100 block in woodlawn last thursday. after putting out the fire, they found her body in the living room. police say jeremy richards is her next door neighbor. he's charged with first-degree murder. and tomorrow, family and friends of emily kerstetter will hold a fundraiser to help raise money for her medical expenses. a terrorist bombing in uganda last month. the swim fest fundraiser will be held at the appleton swim club. the event starts at 9:00 a.m. and money raised from the swim fest is going to go to the emily kerstetter fund to help with her significant medical expenses. well weather wise, it's not
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a bad looking day out there. a little hot, but classic for august. sunny, some hot temperatures around 90. humidity not all that bad. frederick 91. we have 88dc and 88 down in cambridge. annapolis, you aren't too bad at 85 degrees. that's a decent temperature. a little wider view, a couple high, thin clouds, but not much. generally going to be a nice, clear evening into the 80s and down into the 70s and here's a look at your hour by hour forecast. hazy start, then we are into the mid 80s by noon and pushing close to 90 by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. it will be a warm night as you head out to fedex field for the preseason game. we'll talk much more about sunday and the changes on the way for that second half of the weekend coming up. thanks, wyatt. the latest of three violent convicts who escaped from a prison in arizona last month is behind bars. john was recaptured last night along with his fiance who
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police say helped him escape. they arrested him at a campground after a park ranger came upon an unattended campfire. >> you noticed the silver car backed up into some trees. it looked a little unusual. maybe it was trying to be hidden. >> determine that the car was stolen. a s.w.a.t. team moved in. two other inmates, daniel rennewick and tracy escaped from a prison in arizona on july 30. now, serious questions have been raised about privately run state prisons like the one they escaped from. a new report shows that a defective alarm system went off so often that prison guards routinely ignored it. a navy panel has suggested the service discharge, lisa noak is a former astronaut who lost her nasa job in a bizarre attack on a romantic rival two years ago. the panel recommended downgrading her from captain to commander and giving her a discharge of other than
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honorable. noak confronted her exboyfriend's new girlfriend in the airport back in 2007 after driving from houston, a final decision on her status will be made by the secretary of the navy. noak is from maryland. a pilot has to make an emergency landing when something else goes terribly wrong. we'll show you how this plane landed. with its wheels still in the air. and check out this gusher, a water main break shoots water 30 feet in the air. we'll show you where that's going on. abc2 works for the community. a proud partner with the salvation army. ai
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stocks closed moderately lower today as the economy continues to deepen. dow jones industrial is down 57 points. the nasdaq up less than a point. the s & p 500 was down 3 points today. the average selling price now close to $300,000. but the national real estate market is clearly still a buyers market. the economic recovery continues to happen very slowly, but thanks in large part to the realignment process, buyers seem to be more plentiful. >> 500 workers have been temporarily layed off because
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of a two-week shut down of a steel mills operations because of the weakening operations. temporary idled some of the operations. the shutdown begins sunday and will end august 29. now a lot of you are without a job and abc2 is here to try and help. each wednesday on good morning maryland, we put resumes on the air and online so bosses can see them. we'll call you to come in and tape a 20 second video pitch. we'll put it on the air and on our website so you can e-mail us with that best resumes. use a microsoft word attachment for the resume. a police chase goes from the highway to the runway. how authorities kept the driver from taking off again. and cash for gold. steps from the museum now leaves a lot of money at stake. more on the crime and the hefty reward.
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we continue our coverage of democracy 2010 tonight as we present to you another one of the candidates running for office in our area. it's a chance for all of us to learn more about each candidate before the primaries on september 14. tonight abc2 news, megan pringle sits down with the democratic challenger for baltimore city state's attorney. joining me now is craig bernstein for baltimore state's attorney. >> looks like we lost that tape. we'll get that back for you because we are trying to run all of those interviews before the september 14 primary. on monday, the executive, joe barton is at a tight race. you can catch that interview on monday right here on abc2 news at 5:30. now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful
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doppler radar. >> and now somewhat sooner than expected. it's wyatt. g i'm here for you. whatever it takes. >> what do we have this weekend? it's been all over the place this week. >> it has. i think what we are going to see is another day like today tomorrow and then into sunday, clouds come in. chance for rain mainly late in the day. most of the weekend is dry. and the weather is looking good for the big game tomorrow night down at fed ex field. we are going to take a look outside. sailing away. doesn't that just relax you looking at that shot? >> ahh. >> nice exhale, let it out. 90 degrees right now. humidity 42% and definitely looking a little bit on the muggy side. no doubt about that. take it briefly into that game day forecast tomorrow. you can see looking pretty good. kickoff is 7:00. a few clouds warm as the ravens
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beat up on the skins. 82 degrees and high temperature 86 there today. not bad beach side. not bad here in the city either. hotter here in baltimore. you can see this sunshine just about all day long and eventually temperatures did heat up. we did get up right around 90, 91 in the downtown area. temperature wise, 90 still out at the airport as we speak. we have 86 over in easten. 88 in ocean city. 82 right now hagerstown. a little hotter just to the west. humidity, comfortably low. you can see anywhere from 62%. and as we zoom out just a little bit here, the high humidity socked in to our south. okay, much muggier down toward norfolk and richmond. just a couple clouds here on our satellite view. the radar, crystal clear and expecting that to hold up as we go forward in time. tomorrow, there will be a few more clouds around. we'll stay nice and dry and as we take a look at the overall picture here, big storms
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flairing up across the carolinas and portions of the deep south. but back off to the north and west, it's this line of storms that will eventually get down here as we go into the day sunday. potentially bring us wet weather. big area of high pressure was going to keep us looking good here as we go into tonight and even through most of the day tomorrow. even early sunday, i think it's not bad. so our forecast trend, again just a few clouds tonight as we work into the day tomorrow. we are talking about a mixture of clouds and sunshine. more sunshine early. a few more clouds late. i still think generally high, a chance for a shower west toward deep creek lake and al gayny county. but as we take a look at sunday afternoon, there will be a better chance. the main line may not get in there until sunday night, but there will be a peppering of showers and generally a cloudier and cooler day on sunday. on our day tomorrow through saturday, hot though with that sunshine back, we are talking about temperatures pushing close to 90, but maybe just a degree or two cooler than it
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was today. overnight 67. mostly clear. stays dry tomorrow. not a bad saturday at all. 89 mostly sunny. clouds increase a little bit late in the day, but 2-degree guarantee. tomorrow night 71 partly cloudy and getting a bit more humid. more humid and more clouds in the picture on sunday and sunday late especially look for showers, maybe a thunderstorm. cooler next week. not as hot. low 80s. monday, tuesday, only mid 80s as we go toward wednesday and thursday. christian. >> okay, thanks a lot, wyatt. take a look at this. a water main break in alabama. this is what happened. water shooting in the air. crews working to figure out what went wrong and fix it all up again. a police chase on a highway ended on a runway. dallas texas, police were in pursuit of a man in a pickup truck and the driver burst through security gates and on to the runway in dallas. i'm sure that was fun for him,
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but they are going to get them. police arrested the driver on suspicion of robbery. the incident caused the airport to shut down for a short time. more turmoil near another tarmac. a pilot in florida had to make an emergency landing, but it didn't go quite as planned, as you can see. federal aviation officials say the pilot radioed an airport saying he was having engine trouble and wanted to return for a quick landing. the plane was cleared to land, but over shot the runway, wound up flipping over on the roof. nobody was hurt in that one. the chesapeake bay hawks have fought their way into the major league lacrosse championship this weekend and they are hosting the event. the bay hawks take on the boston cannon tomorrow at noon in their first semifinal game in annapolis. then at 3:00, it's long island and denver in the second semifinal. the winners will face off against each other on sunday at 1:00. also in annapolis, a navy marine corps stadium, if you want tickets, abc2 viewers can
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get a 20% discount. log on to use the bayhawks fan code to get the discount. with a look ahead to abc2 news at 6:00, i'm kelly swoope. the water into the other side, tonight we are looking at baltimore's bridges and what the city has planned for the aging infrastructure that supported us for decades. this weekend, start putting the kids to bed early. it's time to get that routine down. now we have a preview coming up at 6:30. >> coming up on world news, a startling number about americans and their 401k's. the risky but necessary move facing so many families. and new questions about president obama and his faith. why do so many americans think he is muslim? what the white house is saying about it coming up. go
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johns is just fine being the squeaky -- welcome back. authorities in florida are searching for a pair of thieves who walked away from a museum in key west with a bar of gold. surveillance video captured the duo making off with that gold in a clear case which was enabling visitors to handle it. the loot was from a wreck 1622 spannic galleon. get this. that gold worth just over a half million dollars and let people pick it up and hold it. the 75-ounce bar had been on display at the museum for nearly two decades. the museum's insurance company is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the return of that heavy gold bar.
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getting across town in cessal county is going to call drivers more. find out on abc2 news at 6 which starts right now. many of the bridges you drive over every day are about to get much safer. good evening, i'm kelly swoope. the city is about to start a six-year project to replace or repair some 25 bridges in baltimore. abc2 news explains the plan on how one woman has been paving the way to replace one of the bridges for 13 years. >> okay, apparently we are having technical difficulty. let's move on to republican bob ehrlich pledges to restore $60 million in local aid for road maintenance. he$240 million has been cut
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from road maintenance funds statewide as lawmakers struggle to fill budget holes during the recession. ehrlich says he would immediately restore 25% of that amount. well tonight, we know the cause of that freight train derailment in baltimore earlier this month. a broken rail caused 13 cars to jump the tracks in the howard street tunnel. the track in the tunnel had been scheduled for replacement before the derailment and that work will begin this month. it's expected to be finished around labor day. well doctors have treated and released a ten-year-old gun shot victim after a shooting last night in east baltimore. we told you about it. damian washington was sitting on his grandmother's couch eating pizza when his cousin burst through the door and someone outside opened fire. >> he pushed me down on the floor on the porch. he ran in the house. he ran in the house.
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he got down and i got up and put my hand out like this and that's when i got shot in my arm. >> the shooting is still under investigation and police have no suspects. he should be getting the bandage off in time to start school next week at fort washington elementary where he will be a fifth grader. well a little over a week ago, a fire ripped through a home in wood lawn killing one woman. police say fire in the woman's death was no accident. abc2 news joins us now with the details. >> in fact, police say the victim in that fire was murdered. they say by a young man who has known her all his life. police arrested jeremy richards in the death of mini robbinson. firefighters were called to robinson's home last thursday. after putting the fire out, they found robbinson's body in the living room of the home. police say the suspect was right next door to mini robbinson. >> he has grown up there all
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his life. we know at this point that they seem to have a good relationship. you know, he grown up next to her, gone over there often to talk with her or do other things and we just don't understand and comprehend at this point why he would -- why it appears it's an attempted robbery. >> richards robbed robbinson. he is being held at the baltimore county detention center of a charge of first- degree murder with no bail. christian shaefer, abc2 news. thanks, chris. new details released involving the murder of a belle air woman where she taught. an investigative report shows that staffers at the campus in prince georges county left the boy unsupervised are hanah wheeling for more than an hour on the day she was killed. the 65-year-old woman was killed in february. the report to staffers that could not account for the boy's where abouts for more than an hour on the day wheeling was


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